Thursday, May 22

Jenny's baby

Hey, remember Jenny, the maternity shots I did a few weeks ago? Well that baby is no longer a bump in Jen's tummy! Check out this little sweetness!
(YES I know the photo says "" on it... BUT my site is not up and running QUITE yet. In the next couple of days this blog will automatically redirect to that domain, though, and then soon, very soon, we will have a full all out site running... look forward to it!)

Those are Mama Jenny's hands
and baby To-Be-Named feetsies...

Monday, May 19

My Girl loves those Dandies

My sweetness is 7 months old already, crazy, eh? She just loves those dandies!

Tuesday, May 13

Hunter boy

2 words... perfect eyes!

This boy is just a heartbreaker! Something I love about doing photos is when I get to do them for my friends. It is so rewarding to know I can do something for my pals!

It was really hard for me to choose just a few to put up here-- maybe I'll do more later. :) Enjoy for now!!

Thursday, May 8


Lots and lots of black and whites for Caitlin & her baby bump! Thanks for watching Stella, Steven! What a trooper.

Tuesday, May 6

More Adney

I just keep looking at these pictures, this boy is such a perfect model!!
(I'm trying this watermark, I hope it isn't TOO distracting from the photo, any input on that would be great!)

Monday, May 5

Adney - a teaser

Here are 3 pictures from my most recent little outing. There will be more to come, but honestly this little Adney could do NO wrong.

Mama & Baby-- Mir I hope you don't mind
being on here... You two just looked so great!

Friday, May 2

You may recognize these...

Here are some more from a few of my past shoots!! :)


LOOOOVE this little Isaac's over-the-shoulder shots.
What a little man!


ANNNND a few more maternity ones
(can you ever really get tired of the baby-bump?!)


Ok, So I know the chain in front of her face may be a bit distracting,
but I just can't get over how beautifully Jenny photographs!!!

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