Thursday, December 18

Website updated!

Getting geared up for 2009, has gotten a bit of a facelift.
There will be even more improvements coming with the New Year, so stay tuned!

We have a whole new slideshow on the homepage, and a new color scheme...

A new weddings section, for all you lovebirds...

And lastly, and leastly (I'm aware that is not a word...), an "about me" page, where you can hear me drone on and on about myself.

Check out the new & improved
and don't forget to book your 2009 session!

Tuesday, December 16

David & Lucy {part 2}






David was telling me all about Santa...



Saturday, December 13

David & Lucy {part 1}



more to come...

Friday, December 12

Even more model shots...

I'm not trying to play favorites, I just got some ridiculously good shots of a couple of these girls and couldn't decide which ones to post and which to leave out- so I am just posting most of them regardless. Man, these have been SO fun to work on!!








Thursday, December 11

The last Mark & Halsey...

I promise, this will be the last post of Mark & Halsey-- for now. :)

I was just going through their photos again and picked 2 new faves... had to share. :)



Tuesday, December 9

2 more model faves



Slowly but surely I'll get through all of these awesome shots-
these girls were so easy to work with, all of them!


This is another shot of Baby Zoe that I don't know why I never posted but I didn't... So here it is... It's old... she definitely does NOT look like this now! :)


Saturday, December 6


These girls did an awesome job modeling for me today! It was SO fun and everyone was great to work with... and, of course, they all looked awesome! :)

For now, one shot of each girl, and soon I'll post more... I'll have the rest done by the end of the week, ladies! Thank you all so much!










Check out those rocking yellow stilettos...

Tuesday, December 2

Hear ye hear ye- models needed!

I am looking for some fashion models to show off your hottest winter wear- Uggs, layered jackets & snow vests, scarves & hats, vintage snow boots... that sort of thing. Doll up and get your hot winter shots taken!!

Shooting will take place
in Idaho Falls.

You will receive a CD with your top 5 shots on it (FREE!), and you will be able to purchase prints as well. The session is FREE and will take about an hour. You will have individual shots and a few group shots.

I only have 8 spots, and I need at least 2 guys so email me NOW... info @ carlycarlson . com (minus the spaces...)

If I have a larger response I may be able to use the additional models, I will let you know!! There will likely be more opportunities in the future as well. :)

Monday, December 1

Stella's Shadow

My little girl discovered her shadow on the wall today.

There is a portrait one of my favorite film photographers, Charles Harbutt, did of a blind boy touching a strip of light on the wall. It has been the most influential portrait I've seen- it is such an emotional piece, every time I see it I choke up a little. I hope someday to take a photo with so much meaning and such power.

Anyway, when I saw Stella reaching for her shadow it reminded me of "Blind Boy" and I had to rush for the camera, so as not to miss that special moment!

"Blind Boy" -- Charles Harbutt, 1959

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