Sunday, August 31

more of the cutest baby bump ever made.

I really hope she doesn't kill me for this. She just looks SO GOOD! And I was absolutely thrilled to see a linea negra (the dark line some pregnant mommies get on their belly), I have always thought that was so beautiful. She, of course, couldn't disagree more. Well, tough cookies, I love it! haha :)




need some opinions... are these photos too big? i have a huuuge screen (not to brag, haha) so on my compy they look great. what does it look like to ya'll?

Wednesday, August 27

The Carpenters

cute family


I swear this is one of the cutest kids I've seen. I think he's going to be a SERIOUS hunk, yeah?

I love little boys being little boys... you know,
picking flowers not to smell them, but to eat them...
and eat them he did. As soon as I was done snapping this shot... :)

Tuesday, August 26

A few random older photos

Sorry for the multiple updates... Just got a lot done today!! :)

(My sweet girl showing off her toes... She always rides in the stroller with her foot up!
Also showing off some new PP techniques I've been messing with.)

(My sweet girls hand... She's precious, isn't she?!)

(and i just thought this truck was pretty neat lookin' too...)


This is my little cousin Ruby... she's gorgeous, eh? I keep wanting to call her my neice, but in actuality, she is a cousin! haha :)


We had a mini-shoot while I was in Salt Lake area. I can't wait to do some more photos of her, though!!

Some more Enloe Fam

So you probably remember these kids (and the mom!) I just finished editing their session and couldn't resist posting a few more!




To those of you who are waiting for your photos, I apologize, I WAY overbooked my August and so I'm a little behind. This week, guaranteed, I'll get everything caught up! I'm working non-stop and I can't wait to get your photos out!!

Thursday, August 21


Amber only has 6 weeks left, people. She is SERIOUSLY the smallest baby bump I have ever seen that far along! She and her hubby are the most photogenic couple I've ever seen, too. I might hire THEM sometime! :)



(expect more soon)

Monday, August 18


Happy 2 years old Garrett!
Garrett got an awesome present for his birthday... a photo session, with yours truly. How cool is that? :)


(two words: lady. killer. look at those eyes!)

(he was pretty excited to be playing with those tires...
isn't he an animated little character?!)

Wednesday, August 13

2 more J & H

Jeff & Hillary are pretty cute kids, no?



Tuesday, August 12

Love birds, a sneak peek

A few more from my weekend in the Salt Lake area...

Jeff & Hillary



look forward to their nuptials in september!!

Saturday, August 9

Enloe Family

(well, mostly their little girl!)




Expect several more later this week, I've been in Salt Lake doing some portraits this weekend. It's been pretty busy, but there will be some major updates soon!

Tuesday, August 5

A couple more Baby L

Sunday, August 3

E & B & Baby L

I had the pleasure of meeting this little 2-month old girl yesterday and taking some family and baby photos. She's a complete doll!

Here are a few favorites of the fam, but I have a lot more to sort through so there will probably be a few more coming tomorrow, of just the bambino.


You are the winner of the contest... You rock! You'll be getting your prize in the mail asap!

Thanks everyone for checking in on me and for commenting, you also rock.

It was also fun seeing new peoples blogs, so keep 'em coming! :)

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