Tuesday, December 29

This is how behind I am on blogging...

These are from Thanksgiving! I had a couple families contact me for quick mini-shoots while all the kids were home for the holiday- great fun!

The Savage Family

The Jones Family



wanna hear my dorky voice 
and my dorky not-very-well-thought-out answers?

i'm featured on the 3rd episode of the go-getters podcast...
check it out

thanks peter, it is an honor to be featured on your site!

Friday, December 25

Merry Christmas!

(Yes, my little GIRL got a Buzz Lightyear for Christmas...)

Monday, December 21

Destiney | BHS 2010

Destiney is my favorite combo- dark hair and fair skin. Gorgeous! She brought along her friend Peter, remember him? I think we had a good time, and Destiney was a total natural. Check out her senior pics! Good luck with everything this coming year Destiney!









Friday, December 11

Jeff | Powder Valley High 2010

Meet Jeff... well, first, meet Jeff's family! :)


NOW, meet Jeff! Jeff's a senior at Powder Valley High. I have a feeling he would have rather been snowmobiling than getting his pictures taken, but he was such a good sport and we had a lot of fun running around in the snow for his shoot! :)







Thursday, December 10

Print Deadline coming up!

December 15th is the 2009 print deadline. Prints ordered prior to December 15th at midnight will be delivered before Christmas. All orders placed AFTER December 15th at midnight will not be processed until after the New Year. No exceptions :)

Christmas cards must be ordered by tonight at midnight.

Album orders will not be processed until after the New Year as well.

Thanks for being the best clients ever! :)

Saturday, December 5

Add & Danielle | Facebook Fan Page giveaway winners :)

Add & Danielle won a free session just for being a Facebook fan... you might want to get on that... :) (click here to become a facebook fan!)

I don't have a lot of time to chit-chat right now, I wish I did so I could say more about the sessions I'm posting! I just have too much editing to do right now! SO ENJOY! And leave some comment-love! :)












Downing Family | Baker City Family Portraits




(this is one of my favorite shots from this whole year!!!)




Tuesday, December 1

Kindra | BHS 2010

I had a ton of fun with Kindra! Isn't she so pretty?! Anyway I'm running around like a chicken with my head chopped off... so... I'll keep this brief! :) Enjoy!








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