Wednesday, November 26

UPDATES is undergoing major reconstruction/updating right now... Check the blog for updates, and look forward to new galleries and updated info pages coming asap! :)

For clients/interested in booking- I will be booking a limited number of sessions in December, up until the 15th. Please schedule now to lock into 2008 prices! Sessions after January 1st will be subject to new pricing and a whole new session format, tons of new options & goodies, etc... Good things are happening! Stay tuned!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Carly Carlson

Sunday, November 16

Babies, babies, everywhere! {Maryanne}

'tis the season for baby bumps, apparently!!

Here's another fun maternity sesh! Prepare for photo OVERLOAD...






Pretty sure she's the cutest thing ever!



So I don't know why, but chopping peoples heads off has been a specialty lately.
Works pretty well for these maternity shots! :)

Clearly, Maryanne has a BEAUTIFUL face, so I tried not to chop her head off too much, haha!

Saturday, November 15

After several requests...

here are a few more of Tanya...

Ok, so you've seen this one- but now you can see it bigger. :)



Friday, November 14


Basically, I love this girl. She and her husband, Berret, were married the same day my husband and I were! We just love them. They are expecting again, and isn't she perfect?! I can't believe it!! She's due in January and look how teensie!

Hm... this is looking a wee bit blown out, yeah?! I'll figure that out- it looks great in photoshop. Poo!


Couldn't decide b/n b&w or color- so ya get both! :)





Congrats on winning a free mini session you guys! Looks like commenting paid off, eh?! :)

AND congrats on that baby! Can't wait to meet her!

Thursday, November 13

A few more of Isaac!

I'm blog-happy tonight :)

A few more of Isaac - Nana got to be in a few shots as a special gift!




Boys. I just love 'em!

An old shot

I don't know why I didn't post this one earlier- it was getting dark and cold but we wanted a few more shots, so on a whim we went up to this old apartment building in Rexburg and took some neat flash shots. I really liked this one, for some reason, and wanted to post! :) Love how the baby's expression is like "Whoa... that was bright..." hahahaha!


Loved this family...

I'm sure you can see why! Aren't they cute?!!



There is just something about that boyhood curiosity, that sweet little-boy belt, and teeny jeans that just makes my heart melt. I also love when the sun shines right on my subject, filtering through the clouds, for the most perfect glow. I couldn't have planned that! :)



Sunday, November 9

A few more...





Saturday, November 8

Todd, Joy, and Baby Z

Um, can you say cutest family ever?! There's more where this came from, guys! :)




Thursday, November 6

Big changes ahead...

There will be some big changes coming for Carly Carlson Photography after the New Year. One of the most enjoyable (and frustrating!) parts of owning my own business has been fine tuning the logistical side of things so that my customers are happy and I'm happy, too! With a lot of trial and error, I have come to the conclusion that you can't please everyone, but you sure can try! So- after the New Year look forward to some new session pricing, including mini-sessions and a stripped down version of what I'm currently offering. I'll also have standard wedding packages available, and optional print packages for all my clients, to aid in the indecision of portrait purchasing!! AND the website will be massively updated, yahoo!

Good things are happening! :)

But, just FYI, things will be changing a bit so if you'd like to take advantage of the current set up, book now! :) Sessions will not be available in December, but back to business as usual January 1st!

And what's a post without a photo?

My little girl found dadda's guitar pick and decided to make up her own tune! :)

Tuesday, November 4

My bestie & the fam!

My dear friend Miriam needed a few family pix taken- so we ran out to this park on the Snake River, took just a few quick shots and here they are!! :)

Love ya, Mirm!





Sunday, November 2

Goodbye, October!

October didn't last long enough, am I right? It seems like these Eastern Idaho autumns don't last very long, too! Well, November is a time to be grateful, you know, with Thanksgiving about 3 weeks away... So on that note, I'm really grateful to be this little Spiders mommy...



Gotta check yer bucket fer holes!

We had a fun Halloween, can you tell? :)

And I'm also really grateful for the opportunity to take photos of people I love - here are a few more of my cousin's kids...





Well now that it's November, can we say it's officially the Holiday season?! Look forward to some great Christmas & New Years deals coming up soon! The Fall Special is available through November 18th, so book now to take advantage of that awesome deal! (See sidebar for more info)

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