Thursday, March 18

What is a Prom Mini? | Check it OUT!

I've gotten several awesome questions about the Prom Mini Sessions I'm offering on the day of prom, for Baker High. So I recruited some last minute models, shot a quick prom mini! For answers to your prom mini questions, click HERE. Stay tuned to the very end of this post for a ridiculously good discount on these prom minis! You won't want to miss it!









I seriously wish this had been an option when I was in school- this makes such an awesome pre-prom date! Top it off with dinner and you're good to go! I've answered all of your prom mini FAQ's HERE, so click on over and get those questions answered! :)


 50% off your session fee

That means... for an individual/couple session, your session fee is ONLY $30! 
And for a group session, the fee is ONLY $10/person! 
Take advantage of this discount by Tuesday, March 23rd.  
That gives you 5 days to book with the discount! 
Have I lost my marbles? Perhaps... but I love my BHS students! 

Click HERE to read the original info on prom-minis and to see the available print packages. And don't forget to factor in the awesome 50% off session fee discount! :)

Saturday, March 13

Got a question? is stinking cool... It's a place where people can ask and answer questions about anything. And everyone can see the answers! So, shoot, ask me anything! Photography related or otherwise, I'll do my best to answer it... click HERE...


The 50ยบ weather we've been enjoying here in Eastern Oregon just couldn't last, could it? 


Soon enough Spring will be here... :)

Friday, March 12

My big girl...

I love all of these awesome blogs where photographers are posting their clients shoots as well as personal things about their own families, but I have the hardest time opening up in that way on this blog! I don't know why- I just feel really protective over my family. Mother Hen mode kicks in as soon as I begin uploading a post about the cute things Stella is doing, or how awesome my husband is, and I delete the post before it's been published. Besides, my life is incredibly boring for the most part! But, while I may never be as awesome as Tara Whitney or Jonathan Canlas or Sheye Rosemeyer or any of those other awesome photographers at posting personal work on this blog- I will continue to work harder at it. (I think I've promised this before?? haha)

Today, I quickly snapped these shots of Stella just as she woke up and walked into the living room to greet me for the day. It wasn't until after shooting that I realized my ISO was at about 4000! haha :) Love that grain!



And this is another one from this morning, I just think she's the cutest thing ever. :)

I'm challenging myself by using some of the other lenses in my arsenal a bit more. These were shot with my 28mm 2.8, wide open. I really do love that lens, I have no idea why I never use it. 

Monday, March 8

PROM MINI SESSIONS! | Sign up now, slots will fill up FAST!

Here's the best news you've heard all year... 
You don't have to get the traditional prom pictures! 
Instead, book a completely custom, totally fun mini-shoot with CCP! 
There are only 8 of these awesome 30-minute time slots available on April 17th before prom,
slots are already filling up so book ASAP!

Individual, couple, or group sessions give you tons of options. Don't have a date, but want awesome prom pics? Go solo for an individual shoot- hey, you're getting all dressed up right?! Or better yet, get a huge group of friends together for a crazy group session.

And couples, guess what? No "prom poses" here. Each session will be unique, you'll have a dozen photos to choose from, and you'll have no lines to wait in for your photos! Sessions will take place downtown and will have an urban vibe. We'll get a variety of posed and candid pics for you to choose from. Plus, you can order a variety of poses to fill your print package, and you can add as many additional prints as you'd like with the purchase of any print package.

Choose your session type & your print package, then call me to book your session!


To book your own prom mini-shoot, call Carly @ 541-519-1957.

Tuesday, March 2

Mackenzie | Senior Rep Winter Session

Mackenzie's Summer session is HERE, she is so beautiful! I had so much fun on her winter session. See?!








*Hair & Make up by Linda @ A Diva

Monday, March 1

Important info Seniors & Parents of Seniors!!!

The deadline for yearbook photos is here (for BHS). Don't forget to email me the file # you’d like to have sent into the yearbook. I need the requests by 5pm today!

If you have already asked me to send in an image, please send another email with the specific image to make sure I have gotten everything in. 

If you are waiting on more proofs from a second session, or have another special circumstance, please call me directly. I will be in the office off and on today.


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