Thursday, July 31

A GIVE AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!


You heard me, a

I have seen a few other photogs do this, and I think it's an awesome, shameless way to find out who's checking out my work.

So I'm doing it.

Here are the rules... Because I love meeting new people, and because I love giving stuff away, and because I love getting comments on the bloggity, and because I need no other excuses to do something crazy...
LEAVE a comment with your name, the state or area that you hail from, how you found me, and how often you check this blog! If you have your own blog or website, post that, too, we all love finding new blogs to stalk!

I will be using a website that does a random selection for me, so of the commenters only ONE will win the prize. What is the prize??? It's a SURPRISE, but it is of monetary worth, and it will be mailed to you along with a thank you note from me... heck, getting snail mail is awesome, eh?

Happy commenting! OH and this contest ends on
Saturday, August 2nd at 12 midnight, MST
and yes, friends and family can play, too...
If you just read all this... you really should comment. :)

Tuesday, July 29

Zoe in the oven

My friend Jenessa is preggers and so freakin' cute at it, too!
Isn't she the most hot pregnant lady you've seen? I didn't look that good when I was expecting, that's for sure!!
I know maternity photos are usually of the mom, but they look so good together we just kept using them both, I really like it, though. This has been my favorite session thus far, and it was so fun to edit them all.

this is a new fave... they are going to be hardcore parents, eh? watch out, baby zoe! :)

again I apologize for the quality of the images-- every other time I publish a post they look poo-poo. we'll try to get that figured out once and for all! :)

Friday, July 25

The Webb Fam

Cute family, no? Expect a few more soon :)

Saturday, July 19

Some vintage fun

I've been experimenting all day with stuff like this, this is the best one I came up with today. I'm getting there, but I still have a long way to go! I think it's a little faded, the couple is a little too dark, obviously I have some more work to do!

Enlarge to see the texture.

Monday, July 14

Another Mark & Halsey

Jenn, Jess & the cutest girls ever!

These ladies have been best friends for a loooong time ;) and they got to have a little reunion last week. Naturally, you need pictures in such a rare situation! The girls were so fun!

We got some more cute group shots I may post later. :)

More bubble fun :)

This family was really fun, we had a good time and dang, those bubbles are cool. They smell like LEMON!

I don't know why I picked all B&W versions of these photos-- the color ones are good too. Just in a bw mood I guess! :)

Sunday, July 13

Mark & Halsey

This is one of the cutest couple I've worked with. They are obviously perfect for each other, it has been really great getting to know them!

Here are a few from our little shoot last night.

We found this sweet jag... set up the shot... prayed the alarm wouldn't go off... Mark quickly sat, Halsey quickly kissed, and then we were outta there! :) My favorite luxury car, though- it's a work of art!

PS My internet has been out for several days-- thankfully I've found a wireless signal I can pick up on that seems to last for about 5 minutes at a time! HA! On Monday our actual internet should be back, though, so expect more intensive updates then :)

Wednesday, July 9

Nothin' says "summer" like bubbles

I had a fun little family shoot today, at the end we got a little crazy with some bubble-blowing.

I'll be posting more from this adventure very soon! :)

Monday, July 7

Temporary difficulties...


My website is down temporarily. I have no idea why, but YES I have had a mini-freak-out of an email that has been sent to the people who can make it run right again...

SO be patient. It'll be back soon... I HOPE!

Sunday, July 6

T & A & M & R & P

The whole famdamily!

Amy (the mom) has known me since I was in diapers... weird!!!

Here are a few favorites...

Anyway- I was back home in Eastern Oregon over the weekend and had so much fun doing this fam's portraits! Their kids were so easy to work with!!

Wednesday, July 2


I had the pleasure of taking photos of the sweetest little baby girl, Makenna. :)

Can you say "baby fever"! She's a doll!

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