Sunday, June 29

A favorite.

I don't know what it is about this picture, but I just really like Trevor's uniform. :)

(I promised the couple I'd be updating throughout the week! Hope ya'll aren't sick of 'em-- but I doubt it, they're pretty cute.)

Another T & B

Some vintage business for Trevor & Bryoni

And a lil b&w :)

Check out Rebecca Bezzant, my second shooter for the day, for some more shots!

Saturday, June 28

Trevor & Bryoni - teaser

I shot Trevor & Bryoni's nuptials yesterday. We were working with some tough conditions, but we got some fun shots anyway-- they were good sports!!

I'll be posting more throughout the week.

QUICK NOTE: to you photogs who are having problems with faded image on blogger--- you have to save your image by going to "save for web and devices" and have it at 100 for the quality. It doesn't fix it 100% but it does help. It does make a difference, for sure!!

More Brandon & Katie

There are A BUNCH more at, go to the "people" section, and click on "couples & weddings"... enjoy!

Thursday, June 26

Aria & kids

My cousin Aria took me in for the week, and quite comfortably accommodated me, too! So I did some fun shots for her. :)

These are my faves...

(I saved the best for last... can you feel the sibling love?!)

It has been so busy that I can't stop to think. I have a bridal session tonight and a wedding tomorrow, so wish me luck! I'll be posting muchos updatos (hopefully that isn't a bad word en espanol...) very soon.

See more at

Wednesday, June 25

Brandon & Katie

Brandon & Katie were adorable! Thanks Jessica for letting me assist you on their wedding!

The couple was so fun! The reality check was when Katie danced with her dad-- It brought back a flood of memories of dancing with my dad at my own wedding... needless to say, tears were shed (I'm a serious daddy's girl!).

Expect more soon!

Saturday, June 21

Car Show

I love cars. I love Chevy's, I've come to realize that my favorite classics are all made by Chevrolet. The Bel Air. The Chevelle. The Nova. I have always wanted to restore a car of my own, and maybe someday we will do one as a family or something. It'll be an old Chevy of some kind, though :)

And for your Ford fans...

Wednesday, June 18

Heather's Bridals

What a loverly loverly lady.

Heather-- one of my fave babes, agreed to model a smashing wedding dress for yours truly.

It was great.

3 new favorites... especially the 1st one. I don't know why I chose the ones where she isn't looking at the camera-- she has a gorgeous face so maybe I'll post a few more later. Or you could just imagine something dramatic and totally untrue about the side of her face you can't see. Maybe she's a burn victim? Maybe she wears an eye patch? Phantom of the Opera? Hm. Maybe I'll just post some and spare you the imagination-wasting.

Everything looks better not on blogger. Oh well, I still love you, bloggityblog.

See more at

It's official! is official. :) Check me out, I have a dot-com.

Tonight I'm taking some "bridals". I say "bridals" because the "bride" is already married. She didn't get bridals done when she was married, though. So we're having ourselves some fun.

I'll be sure to post updates asap. :)

Also, I will be in Salt Lake City next week, from Monday through Wednesday. It's a very full schedule already, I'm assisting Jessica Kettle on a wedding. Then I am doing a family and kid shoot for my cousin Aria's family, and I have another kid shoot for my aunts chocolate drop, Ruby.

Saturday, June 14

Air Show & Site Update

You'd think if I was at an airshow, I would have gotten really neat shots of bombers flying on top of each other or something. But no, this is the best shot of the day. And honestly, I'm pretty excited about how cool it is. :) It looks pretty weird online, really faded for some reason. Ah, well. Just know that the vibrancy is much cooler in photoshop.

The website is totally done and will be officially up within the next day or two-- you can see it here, for now : click here... Please give me any feedback regarding how fast/slowly it loads. I realized I didn't optimize all of my images... yeah, I'm new to all of this stuff. :)

I'm so excited to have the website up, so now I can start using this as a real photo blog :)

Sunday, June 8

Major update

Well hello,
I'm so sorry it's been ages since I updated. Here's what I've been doing...
I've been working on the website. I've been taking bunches of photos and editing them. I've been creating new logos and watermarks. I've been out of town. I've been chasing around my baby. I've been sooo busy. BUT! There is light at the end of the tunnel-- by the end of this week I will 100% for sure have a semi-functioning website up and ready to go! :)

Here are some shots I took while visiting my family in beautiful Eastern Oregon.

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