Wednesday, April 29









Happy graduating this year, Cassidie! This was such a fun session, we went to some new places and had a fun time experimenting with the light and poses.
She was a good sport and I think it paid off- don't you?!

Tuesday, April 28

Playing Catch Up

Catch-up is my least favorite game to play, but here I am, playing it (as always!).

I apologize to my clients and those of you who have contacted me but have had delayed responses from me. We have the internet up and running, it's OFFICIAL!

There are perks to not having the internet and being utterly disorganized mid-move... I have been able to spend a lot of quality time with my little squirt this last week or so. Anytime I pull out the camera she makes a goofy face (yes, she's quite the poser...) and right after the goofy face she wants to take a photo all on her own... Every. single. time. :)


Look forward to some loverly loverly posts this week, as I catch up not only editing, but also blogging... and website gallery updating... and ordering... and alllll the other things on my mile long to-do list. Woo hoo

Tuesday, April 21


Quick update- move is going well, but YES it is STILL happening! haha, LONGEST MOVE EVER!

We will have internet in our home no later than MONDAY, can I hear a resounding HALLELUJAH!?!

SO If you want to book a session, ask a question, or keep me company while I unpack, feel free to give me a call




Sunday, April 19


This weekend we've been moving into our new place! So pardon moi if I'm MIA or slow to respond for the next few days!!

Here's a VERY quick sneak peek of what I'm working on right now- Andrew's Senior pix!


Monday, April 13

This weekend...

I had the opportunity to take some quick shots for some old friends.


Meet Dylan and his girlfriend Kelly... (Hey, Dylan, do you remember when we went and interviewed Homegrown @ the Big Easy? Yeah... We used to be cool.)



Meet Kelsey, the baby of the family. She has attitude and she's quite a babe, as you can see...


And the real reason I was there to take photos, baby Lirael! Thanks for making such a cute kid, Breanne!!

4 generations


(I'm going to start posting what music I was listening to whilst editing, because I am just that rad...) Soundtrack for this sesh: John Mayer, natch.

Monday, April 6

April Mini Sessions! BOOK TODAY!


Mini sessions are a blast- they're quick, no nonsense, high energy and they get the job done. AND you'll have your photos in time for Mother's Day if you'd like... sweet!

This month I'm booking mini-sessions for
KIDS (ages 3+ preferred, siblings welcome)

If you want to do a mini-session this month, but you don't fall into one of those categories, NEVER FEAR! I'll put you on the wait list and if we have an opening, you're in!!

Book by phone (541.519.1957) or by email. The full session fee of $80 is due at the time of booking, arrangements will be made with me. It's a great deal and perfect timing for Mother's Day!! There really are only 8 spots open, so don't dawdle (haha, dawdle, now THAT is a funny word...)

Saturday, April 4

Important Info and a sweet photo

Okay let's get the boring stuff out of the way first-

  • To Prospective Clients: I am updating all the galleries in my portfolio over at You can still access the calendar, the rates and info page, etc. I'll try to make this a super-speedy update so things will be back to normal as soon as possible. Hopefully the blog will serve as a portfolio of sorts for the time being!
  • To CLIENTS!!! Proofing will be no longer hosted on my website. It's a big change, I know, but it's going to help you out a ton, and it'll make things easier for me too! :) If you can not find your storefront at the new proofing site, PLEASE please contact me and we'll get your shop set up! If you are past clients, like, from the way way past, never fear! I can easily set up a shop for you as well. You just gotta let me know! Hopefully you've all received an email about this but it can't hurt to blog it as well - hey, it's a change worth blogging about! :)
  • To Photographers: While we're talking about the new proofing system, the more I learn about InstaProofs the more I like it. If you are having issues with it email me and I can help you figure it out-- I have learned a lot in the last month or so by trial and error!! Great program, huge help to your business. If you have another proofing solution you like, email me about it or comment about it here! (and if you sign up for instaproofs I'd gladly take that referral bonus, cha CHING!)
And now, another shot of my brother. So here's the story. I know these umbrella photos are kind of weird. But I have had this vision in my head for a long time of someone in a rain storm or a snow storm, with this huge umbrella, holding it out at arms length, instead of over themselves. It means something to me but I'm not about to explain it (do I really have to?? haha). Maybe it'll mean something to you, too! Or, maybe, it's just goofy and that's good enough.

It was snowing extremely hard and Dylan (my baby brother) got hypothermia, pneumonia, a bad case of the sniffles, and is still recovering.

{more to come}
{no, really...}

Friday, April 3

Phil & Sarah





(it was REALLLLLY cold... can you tell? yeah, they are pretty tough)



pretty much, i love these guys.
yay for their wedding in august, woop woop!!!

Thursday, April 2

Dylan {sneak peek}


{more coming stat}

Spring? Please?

shot last spring in idaho falls idaho

I am getting a little frustrated with the schizo weather we're having!
Snow in the evenings, sunny spring in the morning.
Well, at least we're getting sunny spring in the morning...

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