Saturday, February 28

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

LOTS of my feedback has been that the banner you see at the top of the blog currently is a bit too dark, a bit TOO edgy... Well. That kind of bums me out, but at the same time I completely agree. :)

So here are a few other things I've been working with and I NEED YOUR INPUT! So comment, tell me which one you like best, or if none of them float your boat. Remember- we're looking for a logo that reflects ME and my style (it IS all about me, remember! haha) If you like one of the NEW ideas, but don't like the colors TELL ME! :) I love you guys. (OH! And the fatty black border that's around them WON'T be part of the logo, just FYI)

A. Same idea, different color scheme

B. Again, different color scheme

C. Scrap the whole banner idea, do something different AND a different color scheme

D. Basic, clean, and the © can be used as a watermark, trademark, etc... ...
(but is it a bit boring?)


Opinions, por favor!

Thursday, February 26

Trying it on for size.

So you'll notice a bit of a new look happening around here... Any input would be appreciated! Email me your opinions! :)

I'm not saying this is permanent, we're just trying it on and it just may become permanent!

Wednesday, February 25


{more to come}

Tuesday, February 24


First off, this girl is dangerously gorgeous. DANG-erous. Secondly, she was a natural in front of the camera. Third, this was my first session after getting back from WPPI, and I was ready to get back in the saddle and really rock this session! I was looking forward to a CHALLENGE! Too bad Tayler made it so easy! :)










Which is YOUR favorite?
Because it was HARD for me to choose only 8 for the blog, haha!

Friday, February 20

WPPI, Las Vegas

Sunday I flew to Las Vegas for the WPPI photographers convention and trade show. I attended seminars, met new people, spent way too much money on food, and loved (nearly) every minute of it!

On Wednesday night we took a breather and styled each other, picked each others clothes, did our hair up, and had some high fashion photo shoot fun on the strip. See a shot Jessica did of ME here! Pretty much I looked like a rock star, and I'm not ashamed to say it! :)

So I learned a TON at this convention. And I've set some new goals for my business, as well as my art (funny how those things really are not the same thing sometimes, huh!). At the top of the list is to be more honest with myself, to have confidence in my style and just go for it. I think a lot of developing an artistic style involves mimicry and learning what you love in other people's work. And then comes the part where you take those things and develop your own style, incorporating your own vision and expanding it with everything you love. Great goal for me this year!

Another goal (which you'll see coming-to-pass over the next few months!) is to better develop my "brand". One of the speakers, Jessica Claire, said that if you aren't in love with your logo and you don't want to marry it and never get divorced, then why do you have that logo? HELLO! That was a big eye-opener to me. I have been unhappy with my overall "look" but didn't think it was THAT big of a deal. But the truth is, YOU, anonymous blog reader, get to know ME from my blog/website and they really should reflect me and my style. I will be working on that... slowly. :)

And now, meet my friends:

I love this woman. She's become a true friend, she's hilarious and a great artist.
Check out her work, she's in the Salt Lake area!

She is everything her website promised she'd be- fun, sassy and unique.
I'm grateful to have met her, and roomed with her this week! She's also in SLC area.

If you are in London, check this man out!
Vanessa & Jess met Paul randomly on Sunday before I showed up.
For the rest of the week we did nearly everything with him! He's family already.

Us, messing around:



Our room had great light, so we had a "headshot" shoot in it!

My favorite shot from the week


Thursday, February 19

Quick (and I mean QUICK) update:

I have been in Vegas for the WPPI convention for the last week, and I am on my way home NOW! :)

Will update soon... look forward to photos, k?!

Saturday, February 14

new baby...

husband got me this little ditty @ salvation army for a buck twenty. big spender! :)
now... anyone know where i can get reasonably priced 126 cartridges... and where i can process it cheaply as well?... ...

Thursday, February 12

Josey {part 2}

I am going to let these photos speak for themselves -- this girl is beautiful.








Can you believe she's a senior? I am SO impressed with all my seniors so far this year!
Baker breeds 'em beautiful, I'll tell you that much! :)

Wednesday, February 11

1 photo, 3 ways...

which is YOUR favorite?


{basic bw}

{bw with an antique tone}

sorry for this silly post... but i really want to hear your opinions on this one! :)

Tuesday, February 10


This girl was SO fun, and isn't she SO PRETTY!?!?!!! Seriously, now.

This is definitely just a sneak peek- after battling a nasty case of food poisoning this weekend, I am back in the saddle and ready to get caught up on work!! :)



{more coming SOON!}

Friday, February 6

Kaitlin {part 1}

This babe-ilicious babe is my baby cousin, Kaitlin. She's a SENIOR this year and I can't believe it.




Tuesday, February 3


AH!! I have so many photos I want to share all at once. Okay... today is Lindy. :) I love this girl, she is so much fun.




and one of her & her mama!


{by the way... mom-daughter shots are a great mothers day gift!!}
and lucky for you, we are scheduling our next mini-session day for later this month.
to get on the list email me ( and i'll shoot you the details as soon as we have 'em!

Monday, February 2


Through out the week I'll be posting shots from the Makeover & Photoshoot we had on Saturday... Today, behold Brooke...

Um... hello? This girl is 12?!! WHAT?! I think she liked being "model" for a half hour... Don't you?




{my personal favorite}

{tomorrow you'll get to see my friend lindy!}

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