Sunday, January 4

Baker City, Oregon! Permanently!

So here's the news you've all been waiting for- Carly Carlson Photography has moved to Eastern Oregon! It's official, we are here, and we are ready for business. I plan on traveling like crazy all up and down eastern Oregon and Western Idaho, so don't hesitate to contact for a session even if you don't live IN Baker City!

Look forward to some major deals coming up to celebrate our new location! I am so excited to be back in my home town, and in the most beautiful valley I've ever seen. This place is awesome!

Right now I'm house sitting for my parents, and that means their pets get photo shoots. Now I have never been that into pet portraits- personally I just don't get it. BUT, after our little session today I think I may have to do more of this! It was so fun, haha!!


Pretty Ginger is such a whiner! I seriously don't know how to get her to shut up- any suggestions on how to silence a labrador?!! She is so cute, though.

Petey, the Great.
He rules the roost.

And here are some shots I took of my new Annie Liebovitz book. My hubby got me a gift card to Barnes & Nobel for Christmas, so I ordered this book I've been eying for a long time, and it came yesterday! It is BEAUTIFUL and it's all in her own words- can't wait to read what the master has to say about her work!

The artist, herself.

Isn't that canvas cover sweet?
Or am I just a huge nerd...
(For you fellow huge nerds- it smells amazing too,
just the way a new book should!)

I loved taking these shots of this beautiful book-
I may have to do more photography like this in the future.
It was so fun, I just love books!

So this year, my photogblog goal is to utilize the blog for more than showcasing my sessions. So prepare for some more personal entries too- like this one! :)


Anonymous January 5, 2009 at 10:20 AM  

i love books too! i know what you mean about the smell, my husband makes fun of me all the time! ps- from tricities and drive thru baker all the time, maybe a photoshoot one day!

Jessica Kettle January 6, 2009 at 10:25 PM  

one, i want that book. two, mr and mrs chachi should be in your etsy shop. FOR REAL. love love love it. I just got the most hideous set of PINK poodle salt and pepper shakers that I am planning on photographing. husband hates them. you would love.

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