Saturday, June 20


Some photographers are amazing bloggers. They grip you with stories about their personal lives, about experiences they've had on their amazingly mind blowing sessions. They paint the picture and then show you the pictures. And then, especially if their following is very loyal, they get a bajillion comments on every entry.

I'm not so good at this. I keep a personal blog about my family that my close friends and family read- I don't have it open to the general public because, well, I'm a private person. I don't love the idea of everyone and their granny reading up on my personal goings-on. And while I love writing, at the end of the day I'm just too tired to whip up something creative or hilarious or witty for you to read and keep you coming to this here bloggity. But I make a promise to you, oh anonymous blog reader, I will do better.

I was inspired by a challenge I saw on one of my favorite photography blogs, by Tara Whitney (ah-mazing... check her out kids). She and a friend took on the challenge of doing a bit of personal photography- something that doesn't happen as often as you'd think for photographers (especially really famous awesome ones like Tara! haha), and they spent the weekend focusing on taking photos of things they are GRATEFUL for. You can see her entry {here}. So I am working on that little challenge for myself. If any of you would like to join me, do it and comment here with a link to your blog so we can all see what you came up with!! I'll post mine soon.

For now, some photos of my brothers gig a few weeks ago at Earth and Vine (corner of 1st and Washington- check it out- and a shameless plug for myself, my work will be hanging there until the end of this month! Don't miss out!)



(thats my hubby on rhythm guitar... yeahboy!)



And a peek at my display...


Soundtrack for today: Feist, Adele, and a bit of John Mayer


Vanessa June 20, 2009 at 11:00 PM  

Thanks girl for the reminder to do something for ourselves. What a great thing and I will be doing it!!! I will let you know when it is ready!

I love these pics! And your display is AMAZING!!! SO creative and COOL!!!

LOVE YA and can't wait to see you in like 3 days!

Ally June 24, 2009 at 3:40 PM  

you are just amazing and so talented!

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