Monday, October 5

Please Read...

But first, a picture of my cute kid...


And now, the important info.

Past & Present Clients:
If you access your proofing gallery via, by clicking on the "clients" tab and entering your password, take note that in the very near future you will no longer access your gallery this way.

I now have a brand new shopping system for my clients- it blows the old one out of the water. I'm really excited to have all of my clients on the new system, however the transferring is taking much longer than I'd originally expected! Once your new shopping cart is ready, I will either call you or email you the information. If you wish to order prints and you have not yet received your new proofing gallery access information, please call me ASAP and I will make your gallery change a priority. If you know you will no longer be ordering prints, please let me know that as well so we don't go through any unnecessary work. There's a lot to do right now! :)

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