Friday, February 12

Jon B | BHS Senior Rep 2010

Jon is one of the BHS senior reps for CCP this year! He's been awesome to work with, and I hope he's enjoying the perks of being a senior rep, too! If you are a SENIOR this coming year (2011 school year) and are interested in becoming a representative for Carly Carlson Photography, call me for more information! There are some great perks, and I'm doing some new exciting things this coming year that haven't been done before for my reps! Exciting time to be a rep! There are very few slots available and it's on an application basis, not everyone will become a rep that wants to. Once the spots are filled, they're filled. So let me know if you are interested SOON! :)
NOW... Jon's pics! :)








Tom February 19, 2010 at 5:26 PM  

Great pictures of an exceptional young man. The b&w is tops.

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