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Some FAQs, answered!
What happens after the session- how long does it take to get our prints, how do we pick the pictures for our package, and how do we go about order additional prints beyond the print package?
All the sessions will be posted in online galleries. You'll have 2 weeks to order your prints from the time your gallery is posted. Once you get into your gallery it will be really easy to figure out how to fill your print package, and how to order additional prints. And as always, if you need help just call me! :)

How do we order prints if we chose a group session?
Great question. In the original information about prom mini's, I told you that ever session booked had to select a print package as well. You may have noticed the 3 print packages are better suited for a couple session than for a group session. So you have OPTIONS! For example... each couple in the group can pick one of the print packages and then order a la carte if they'd like. Or, you can choose a package to go in on with a few friends from the group. Once just one package has been ordered in the group, the option to order a la cart is available. A la carte means you can order as many or as few prints as you'd like- you are no longer committed to a package. To restate- each session must have at least one print package purchased before a la carte ordering is available. Keep in mind, the print packages do have an awesome discount built in for you, and you don't have to order the same pose for every photo in your print package. It's really an awesome deal. 

What happens on a group session?
The session I just posted was a group session- there were 2 couples for this particular group session, but you can have a large group or a small group for yours. We only have 30 minutes for these prom minis, so more time can be spent on each individual, or each couple, with fewer numbers. No matter how large the group, however, EVERY SINGLE COUPLE will have at least one shot of themselves apart from the group. Group sessions are a blast! The session I just posted took place all over town, so we had a lot of variety to choose from in the end. With every group session you'll have couple shots, group shots, all girls shots, all guys shots, and some individual shots as well. Some will be posed, and some will be "candid" (like the fun pinwheel shots up above!)

Are you offering a discount?
Um... yes. Yes, I am! (No one really asked that, but it sure made for a great segue into a discount announcement, eh?!)

See the original post about prom minis HERE
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